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Marsh Arts is a unique, motivated, determined, hard working, outgoing and creative entreperneur.

Having worked for The Picture People, Bailey Boy A.D.E., Custom Designs and The South Holland Community Center, Marsh has an extensive background in Sales, Administration, Management, Art and Graphic Design. In addition, Marsh was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by family members that are both creative and business owners which makes her no stranger to the necessity of deadlines, critical thinking and creative marketing.

Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art and launching a Graphic Design freelance business are the two accomplishments Marsh is most proud of to date. However, to stay current in her feild, Marsh continues to invest in social leadership classes and builds relationships with artist and entreperneurs of all kinds.

In the sixth grade Marsh discovered her niche for drawing and took advantage of community art classes where she learned how to blend colors using color pencils which ultimately helped her career. Throughout high school her interest continued and not only did she learn techniques for differnet arts & crafts projects that she still does today, but she mastered how to use pastels, watercolor paint and the difference between paintbrushes.

In college is when it got real. Marsh learned Adobe Illustraor, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver and started creating Typography Illustrations, Digital Paintings, Logos, Package and Character Design utilizing techniques such as make up application, retouching pictures and wrinkle removal...she could even shave a beard. In addition, Marsh learned how to play with effects, patterns and fonts to make posters, magazines, books, newsletters, catalogs, etc. and finally, she learned how to build websites, like this one, she will build to suit for clients in need.

All of the above was challenging to say the least, yet amazing all at the same time and Marsh came to realize that the more she created, the more she fell in love and birthed The Marsh Arts Studio, an umbrella by which she uses all of her knowledge and experiences to help others and give life to graphic dreams.

The Marsh Arts Studio started off by freelancing that provided services like, Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Paintings and Murals.

When you are looking for Graphic Designs, it's either dealing with stationary (logo designs, business cards, letterheads, & envelopes) or just as simple as a Graphic/Design like a T-shirt Design. Graphic Design also includes designing a magazines, brochures, menus, flyers/Posters, invitations, book or album/mixtape covers.

When you are looking for Illustrations, you are still designing in a way but it mainly consist of logo designs, posters designs, character designs, children books and typography.

When considering Paintings and Murals, it can invovle Graffitti, Type, and Design. You can do a mural on someones wall and/or on canvas.

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