Question Everything was created because in schools and universities all teach that people of color history begins when slavery began; we were in Africa living like savages and then Christopher Columbus found us and saved us and gave us jobs and Jesus so we can become civilized people.
For the people that aren’t aware, this will help spread and inform the people that we were more than what they say we are BEFORE they “found” us.We were Kings and Queens, mathmaticians, scientist, professors, we were about wellness, love, protection and honor.The technology and the knowledge as well as the wealth that we had was far more on a grander scale then what we witness today.
We are the originals/aboriginals of the planet and our kindness and our unconditional love for others got taken for granted and we must learn from our mistakes and return rather its mentally, physically and/or spiritually to our roots.
There’s enough space, enough food and enough water on this planet for everyone and its time that we claim our space by any means neccessary.
Support the cause and lets unite together to help spread the knowledge and the history of our people. Click the IG button below to learn more about who we were BEFORE slavery.
I Love You